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Konecranes is leading the way in lift truck technology. All Konecranes reach stackers are equipped with powerful, low-emission engines that comply with environmental regulations and standards while reducing fuel consumption. What is your application? We offer a complete range of attachments and we are well-known for our ability to develop special attachments for specific material handling applications.

Tell us about your world and we’ll deliver the right solution.

Strength, performance and reliability

Konecranes lift trucks are made with care, craftsmanship, and the latest smart technologies. The strength, performance and reliability of every Konecranes lift truck are based on three things that make up the heart of our technology: a strong box-type chassis, efficient load-sensing hydraulics and intelligent electronic machine control. We are always pushing ahead with new services and technology.

Strong box-type chassis

Our box-type chassis is the strongest on the market. It is made of four welded steel plates as a closed box section. Compared to a conventional lift truck chassis, it features double torsional stiffness and higher strength, fewer stresses and strains, higher lifting capacity with no reductions at high lift heights, and strong tilt fixtures in both the chassis and mast.

Moreover, in terms of service activities, this structure helps keeping the engine compartment clean and clear to prevent dirt and oil build up thanks to the flat surface, reducing the risk of fire caused by cumulated grease.

Efficient load-sensing hydraulics

Our trucks come with hydraulics that can sense the load and adapt the lifting power to the weight of the load. The lift truck provides maximum power only when really needed, consuming less fuel while reducing emissions and noise.

Service intervals are longer (4000 – 12 000h); there is less wear and tear on components, which all contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

Intelligent Electronic Machine Control (EMC) & TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring

Our Electronic Machine Control system, EMC Master, monitors the lift truck’s vital components and functions. Its settings are programmable to adjust to your needs. It can be linked with Konecranes’ TRUCONNECT Remote Monitoring and reporting system (Basic, Premium, Premium+ subscription packages are available).

Moreover, CanBus technology increases engine and transmission reliability.

Outstanding spaciousness and visibility

When you step inside OPTIMA cabin, you find outstanding spaciousness and superior visibility. That makes operating the lift truck safe and efficient, along with valuable extra equipment. The remarkable visibility is made possible by very large, lowered windows with no corner posts, thin but very strong roof crossmember, and curved panels. Sightlines to key working areas are clear both in front, to the sides, and to the rear.

New EMC Master with MD4 7” touch screen with its integrated solutions enables a more spacious cabin. There is also more space for operating the foot pedals.

The positioning of the control panel is ergonomic for the driver and conveniently accessible.

The OPTIMA cabin is customizable for your exact operational needs. Multiple options and features can be selected, as mini-wheel steering, lever steering, the driver’s seat, and precisely the controls that you need.

A hydraulic sliding cabin (stroke 2.900 mm), a vertically movable cabin RHS (stroke 2.850 mm) and EMC remote control are also available.

Konecranes lift trucks drivers will clearly benefit from:

  1. Remarkable visibility:  You know great visibility when you see it. Sitting down in OPTIMA shows you what superior visibility means.
  2. Electronic Machine Control, EMC Master: Full monitoring of all the vital components and functions on a MD4 7” touch screen. Programmable settings. CanBus technology increases engine and transmission reliability as well as hydraulics and joystick control.
  3. Left armrest mini-steering options: Ergonomic steering solutions that improve productivity (optional).
  4. Ergonomic control panel: Whatever extra equipment you need, we can install it as part of an ergonomic control panel layout. OPTIMA is truly spacious.
  5. Comfort: An excellent seat with compressor suspension, powerful cabin heating and ventilation, air conditioning – the driver is provided with every possible comfort.
  6. Joystick control: Available with electronic joystick with auto accelerator/power control (for reach stackers and empty/laden container handlers). Available as standard, the lifting levers offer super-smooth touch control at every point of a handling operation (for forklifts).

Konecranes container reach stackers in the 10 – 46 tons lifting range embody the virtues of strength and versatility. Refined through the wisdom and experience of over 50 years in the field, Konecranes container reach stackers are at their best when working at an intense pace in container ports and intermodal terminals with little room to maneuver.

We offer a very wide range of Konecranes container reach stackers for empty and laden container stacking.

Konecranes reachstackers for barge handling offer high lifting capacity, great reach and unmatched flexibility. While specialized for barge handling, they are extremely versatile and can take on a wide range of other handling tasks. Konecranes “barge handlers” have a wheelbase of up too 9 meters and can load and unload river barges of up too 4 containers wide.

We offer a powerful range of reach stackers for intermodal handling, ideal for loading and unloading across more than one track, with large lifting capacities, a long wheelbase and excellent maneuverability despite their large size. They can be supplied with combi attachments that enable the truck to lift containers from the top and trailers from the bottom.

Konecranes industrial reachstackers are ideal for the most challenging industrial handling applications. Do you need to handle special materials up too 180 tons, in an industrial environment where safety and operational efficiency cannot be compromised? Is the material you need to handle unique in size and shape? Do you work with a material such as steel, which has to be handled in different ways along the various phases of the manufacturing process, with changing material temperatures?

Our industrial reach stackers are designed specifically for the environments in which they are used. Their versatility and agility allow you to reduce transportation costs, an important benefit in businesses where material handling is a major production cost.

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